Arab’s Jasmine Revolution – Aroma and Stench

On 17th December 2010, in Tunisia, a 26-year old vegetable vendor doused himself because of local municipal authorities refused to hear his plea after his vegetable produce got confiscated and his deceased father was insulted by a local policewoman.  Subsequently, there was a protest in his town Sidi Bouzid [190 miles South of Tunis] and … [Read more…]

New Delhi’s nascent Naypyidaw

India and Burma (Myanmar) are seen – especially by many in India – as civilizational neighbors and people-to-people ties are, indeed, one of the corner stone of their relationship. On the business viewpoint – in the past years and decades, India’s bureaucratic hurdles repeatedly put many sporadic speed breakers on the prevailing lethargic public investments … [Read more…]

Myanmar’s Transition and India’s Position

India’s relation with Burma (Myanmar) is not something new since it goes to few hundred years back if you look at from historical stand point; nevertheless, from foreign policy stance, India as a neighbor sharing border of about 1600 KMs with Myanmar has been some what floundering, if I may say so, because of reversing … [Read more…]